Short Film


A Synopsis

Cassandra is a professional fashion photographer with a secret. A ghost has haunted her almost her entire life, and in an attempt to find peace, she is about to undertake a journey to the place where her story began.

Finding herself amongst extended family in a strangely foreign place, Cassandra begins to see things through a different prism. Against the closed world of her own people, she witnesses the awful truth of another hidden life leaking out onto the darkened streets around her.

When Cassandra meets an impossibly young woman caught up in the world of human sex trafficking, she understands she can no longer be the bystander. Now, Cassandra is about to risk everything to make this one thing right, and in so doing, will uncover a web of evil that stretches across the globe.

WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG? is a film that will disable your ability to ‘unsee’ the real world around you. We journey from a big city’s beautiful shores and its too perfect people into an underworld of chaos and fear, following a young woman who travels back to her homelands to solve a mystery.

Human trafficking occurs across the world and affects millions of people directly, but it is an area mostly invisible to us in the wealthy West. We are excited to present an emotional and terrifying ride into one aspect of an industry that after weapons and drugs smuggling, is the most profitable in the world.

Harnessing true stories from survivors the world over and having developed alliances with non-government organisations, Digital Realm Productions and Transmedia Entertainment are inviting you to become part of the solution. Help spread the news, support reputable organisations and make a difference.

Written by GLENN FRASER and PETER McLEOD and starring bright new talent JANET SHAY and veteran performer ZOE CARIDES, the film will be directed by multi award-winning drama director and Sundance alumnus GLENN FRASER throughout Sydney in, 2015.

Cast and Crew


Janet Shay


Zoe Carides

The Lost Girl

Marie Kanu Kamara


Chloe Moo


Dean Kyrwood


Zara Michales


Aaron J March


Lucy Starita


Konnie Papaconstantinou


Melody Ha


Chiara Gizzi


Glenn Fraser