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Visit the UNSW Business School Flipped Classroom in a virtual reality tour and see the traditional classroom transformed. A flipped classroom offers rich experiential learning environment which facilitates hands on activities, simulations and personalised learning.

The physical space of the lecture or tutorial is enhanced with state of the art technology, flexible furniture layout, mood lighting and bright colour into re-fitted classrooms. You’ll see lectures, read course content and truly understand a ”day in the life” of a student at UNSW Business School.

  • The Project

    The project was to create an immersive virtual reality tour of the innovative Flipped Classroom in the UNSW Business school optimised for Google Cardboard viewing.

  • Unity Google Cardboard Development

    Transmedia Entertainment was brought onto the UNSW Business Classroom VR project by First for our Unity Engine and Virtual Reality expertise. Having worked on many Unity based projects over the last five years, coupled with our recent VR experience, we were able to quickly and efficiently create a prototype which we then iterated with First and UNSW to create the final, polished VR tour.

  • Mobile optimised architectural visualisation

    Our artists took over two thousand photos of the space and worked from the architectural plans to recreate every detail of the classroom. From the dedication plaque on the wall to the air conditioning ducts in the ceiling, even the views from the windows are accurate. The resulting visualisation was optimised for delivery on mobile and is a fantastic representation of the space.

  • Colaboration

    First called Transmedia Entertainment to collaborate on this project along with the Audio Visual team at UNSW Business School. Together we capitalised on each others strengths and created a superior product in the shortest possible development time.

  • Results

    The results speak for themselves. You can see for yourself by taking a look at the videos above, or screenshots below. If you already have a Google Cardboard, you can download the App from either the App Store or Google Play, see the links below. Contact us if you want to purchase one of our Google Cardboards, or grab one from one of the many online suppliers.

A leading business school in the Asia-Pacific

Located in Sydney, but deeply connected to the world. UNSW Business School offers collaborative education and research partnerships extend throughout the Asia-Pacific region and beyond to ensure our graduates are culturally versatile and understand their role in the world’s business and social challenges.

Leading Digital

First marries digital design, technology and marketing, as a multi-disciplinary digital agency. They deliver campaigns and creative that targets, captures, engages, convinces and converts consumers. Their expertise in digital has been built on over 14 years experience in digital strategy, web design and build, search marketing and digital campaigns.

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