The Passenger

Transmedia Prequel

The Shade UniverseThe Shade Universe is a story world designed by creator Glenn Fraser in which a panoply of stories are set. Traditional prose, screenplays, short films, and of course, feature films are all harnessed together to make sense of a global conspiracy in which humankind learns it is not, in fact, at the top of the food chain. Taking his cue from H P Lovecraft‘s nihilistic visions, and the framework of stories like THE MATRIX, Fraser was keen to devise a complex story world that was both original, but had raw connective tissue with our own history. To make best use of our own real world setting, it needed to be set right here, right now.

The goal with any rich transmedia concept is to create compelling narrative footholds that play into our core desires and fears, then embed them in a consistent universe that lives right beside our own. The best of these creatives ask the hypothetical “what if?”, and our story universe centres on a struggle between invisible beings that grow and evolve beside us. Mostly they are invisible, but from time to time, the glimpse of something spectral at the darkest corners of our vision, the demonic figure that presses down on us, paralysing as we wake in night sweats. These are the cracks in a veneer that has in turn guided our own evolution and offered us the dreamings and imaginings that make us so different from our animal cousins. Concurrent, with those imaginings, comes the terror as our inclinations peer behind the curtain into the dark truth of our meaningless existence.

Once our world mythology is secure, we begin to find the touchstones of identification for our audience. To do this, we will create fictional web sites, character profiles on social media and short videos that hook into an eerie and claustrophobic world just beyond our ken. Each of these elements – be they fictional businesses that purport to help VPs (viewer/players) through a sleep-healing institute, or profiles that begin to colour the world around other fictional characters who are suffering from identical afflictions, serve to personalise and grow the story world even further.

  • The Shade App

    The Shade App utilises a location-based augmented reality technology to present the hidden world of the Shades: beings that live in the shadows and feed off our thoughts and emotions.

  • Real-time location based interactions

    Live server updates keep viewer/players in the loop at all times, and using the app in certain locations will offer incentives for purchase and in-game credits.

  • Social

    A complete social experience, where the more you share, the more information is revealed and the more credits you earn.

  • Monetisation

    A free app that will come via a link from a faux website, that offers transactional capability means that discounts and purchases that can be made available through select venues and retailers.

THE PASSENGER is the first feature film to be part of a filmic trilogy set in the SHADE universe.

It follows the love-lorn AMY BRAND – a twenty-something woman in Sydney, Australia, who has been cursed with a unique affliction. Tainted with sleep paralysis since she was a child, Amy begins to see all of her friends partner up with the loves of their lives, and sick of being the ‘lone wolf’, decides to take matters into her own hand. Amy summons the being that has haunted her from her youth and makes an uncanny pact with it. Thus begins a Faustian deal in pursuit of the perfect love. Now, Amy is connected. She feels protected, treasured and relevant in a modern world measured by success in the mating game.

But nothing comes for free.

When Amy’s control of the Shade begins to waver, the being begins to show its true colours, and now Amy finds herself at the behest of the creature, a being she realises is as ancient as the world and has an agenda completely it own. As its power grows, Amy must sacrifice all that is near and dear to be rid of the parasite that has taken over her life.

What is left of a woman when she is emotionally scoured, and everyone important is now lost to her.

As Amy realises that the creature within her has the power to awaken the sleeping ‘shades’ within us all, Amy will learn to fight for something beyond herself.

Visit THE PASSENGER website for more information about the film and its development.