Unity based iOS and Android Tennis Training App

Motion Edge Academy
  • The App

    Tennis Edge Academy is the second in Motion Edge Academies series of sports training Apps providing truly inspiring motion and coaching for you to visually interact and learn to play or improve at tennis. Containing 24 fundamental moves – forehands, backhands, lob, volley, serves and return of serves, the app is suitable for beginners or advanced players. Step through the moves, and professional coaching instructions are displayed on screen along with the 3d visualisation. These have been provided by professional coaches to guide you through each component. General Court Strategy is also provided, giving a better understanding of when to use each move.

  • App Development

    Transmedia Entertainment built upon the structure created for Football Edge Academy, with the addition of a comprehensive language and instructional text subsystem. After extensive testing we deployed the App to both the Apple App and Google Play stores.

  • The Results

    You can check out our work by looking at the screenshot images or downloading the free Apps from the links provided below.

Motion Edge Academy provides intuitive training solutions for a wide variety of sports and physical activities, using cutting-edge motion capture technology to transfer the knowledge, skill and movements of trained professionals straight to your screen.

Our professional coaches add step-by-step instructions as well as detailed tips and information, creating a unique and unrivalled training environment.

By using our apps you get the benefit of seeing how the professionals perform the essential moves, from basics right through to advanced manoeuvres. And you get to see it from any camera angle, at any speed, as many times as you like.

Once you’ve tried our Motion Edge Academy Apps, as an enthusiast or as a serious competitor, you’ll understand why we believe this is the best way to train yourself to move and perform at your peak in your favourite sport or activity!

Visit the Motion Edge Academy website for more information about their products.

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