Safedome Prototype Research and Development

Mashinery & WorXpace

“Joe and his team were able to prototype the Safedome App and turn early concepts into a working prototype in a very short time.  They were able to get the hardware and software working together to allow us to really understand the use-cases around the product, using the Build-Measure-Learn model.  We set a very high bar, they delivered on time at each revision.”


  • The Product

    Safedome is the first product to deliver innovative protection technology in a credit-card size device that pairs wirelessly with a smartphone. Safedome actively warns and protects consumers if their valuables are lost, forgotten or stolen, plus it protects their online identity using integrated fraud monitoring.

  • Research

    WorXpace and Transmedia Entertainment, undertook extensive research to create the patented Safedome ecosystem. From the credit card form factor Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device that securely couples with our unique Safedome SmartPhone App, all the way through to the secure and intelligent Safedome Server,  each component was thoroughly researched and rapidly prototyped to ensure the use-cases were thoroughly understood.

  • BLE Communcations

    Transmedia Entertainment worked closely with WorXpace to define and implement a BLE protocol between the prototype BLE device and iOS application. Minimal power consumption and high data security were prime design considerations.

  • App Development

    Transmedia Entertainment built an initial prototype application for iOS device which simultaneously communicate with both the BLE devices and the Secure Safedome Server. Significant diagnostic information was collected, displayed and logged, to ensure we had a thorough understanding of the ecosystem, making the refinement of functions and features fast and simple.

  • Server Development

    The final component of the ecosystem was the real time server code, to provide secure information to the user, the company and banking institutions. The prototype was built on NodeJS and Socket.IO. ensuring fast developing and scalability of the architecture.

  • Patent Draft

    WorXpace and Transmedia Entertainment worked closely with Mashinery to draft a full specification and patent documentation for the Safedome ecosystem.

  • The Results

    Our initial research and prototype development let the Mashinery team minimise the risk in their development, and the system has now been taken to production by the Maxwell Forest team. You can see the results by visiting