Koup Kustoms

Unity Facebook App

  • The Project

    The project was to create an interactive Facebook App for a Kia Australia competition with the aim of engaging car enthusiasts and car lovers with a fun and interactive activity customising Kia’s latest sports vehicle, with the goal of creating eye catching magazine covers as entries to the competition.

  • Unity Web App Development

    Transmedia Entertainment was brought onto the Koup Kustoms project primarily for our Unity Engine expertise.  Having worked on several Unity based projects over the last five years, we were able to build an application that was easy to deploy via web browsers that had a very high graphical quality.

  • Facebook Integration

    The great team at We Are Social have a comprehensive understanding of the web and it’s social impact.  We were able to integrate the application into the Facebook Canvas and capitalize on people wanting to share their creations with the world as a fantastic marketing tool.

  • Server Integration

    We Are Social have a solid internal server infrastructure, which we were able to leverage easily to provide a competition system, and management of user submitted pictures for re-distribution via Facebook and other marketing streams.

  • Collaboration

    Normally Transmedia Entertainment works solo on projects, however for this project we were able to collaborate on site with We Are Social to leverage both team’s great skill sets to provide a superior product in the shortest possible development time.

Kia Motors had its humble beginnings as a manufacturer of bicycle parts by hand on the outskirts of Seoul, Korea. It has emerged as the driving force behind the Korean motor vehicle for the last six decades, laying claim to the production of the country’s first automobile as well as Korea’s first automobile export. The word “Kia” is derived from the Chinese characters Ki, meaning to “arise or come up out of” and a, referring to Asia. So when put together, Kia means to “arise or come up out of Asia”. Today, Kia has truly risen as a major global player and boasts an ever-expanding product line-up that is sold through a network of distributors and dealers covering 172 countries around the world. Over 40,000 Kia employees spanning the globe from an expansive human network that aspires for excellence on behalf of our valued customers. See http://www.kia.com.au/ for more information on Kia Motors.

We Are Social is a global conversation agency, with offices in London, New York, Paris, Milan, Munich, Singapore, Sydney & São Paulo. We help brands to listen, understand and engage in conversations in social media. They are a new kind of agency, but conversations between people are nothing new. Neither is the idea that ‘markets are conversations’. They are already helping adidas, Heinz, Unilever, Heineken, eBay, Jaguar, Intel, Moët & Chandon & Expedia. See http://wearesocial.net/ for more information on We Are Social.

The Results

The App in Action

Detail Images

A Selection of Competition Entries