Unity based iOS and Android Football Training App

Motion Edge Academy
  • The App

    Football Edge Academy utilises our motion capture studio to transfer the knowledge, skill and movements of a trained professional footballer straight to your mobile device. Our app allows you to see how the professionals perform a series of popular attacking moves, and you get to see it from any camera angle, at any speed, as many times as you like. This allows you to really refine your game by learning some key moves for the field.

  • UI Optimisation

    Transmedia Entertainment overhauled the pre-existing Football Edge Academy iOS App, by refining the user interface and improving the overall App responsiveness.

  • Android Port

    Transmedia Entertainment ported the newly refined App over to the Android platform, and deployed it onto the Google Play Store.

  • The Results

    You can check out our work by looking at the screenshot images or downloading the free Apps from the links provided below.

Motion Edge Academy provides intuitive training solutions for a wide variety of sports and physical activities, using cutting-edge motion capture technology to transfer the knowledge, skill and movements of trained professionals straight to your screen.

Our professional coaches add step-by-step instructions as well as detailed tips and information, creating a unique and unrivalled training environment.

By using our apps you get the benefit of seeing how the professionals perform the essential moves, from basics right through to advanced manoeuvres. And you get to see it from any camera angle, at any speed, as many times as you like.

Once you’ve tried our Motion Edge Academy Apps, as an enthusiast or as a serious competitor, you’ll understand why we believe this is the best way to train yourself to move and perform at your peak in your favourite sport or activity!

Visit the Motion Edge Academy website for more information about their products.

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