Transmedia Entertainment has always been at the forefront of creative technology, and over the years this drive for innovation has pushed us from pro audio to mobile, bluetooth and IoT devices, to world first immersive VR experiences. We’ve now come full circle, with a fantastic opportunity to revolutionise the global audio industry. Backed by a major audio manufacturer we are re-branding ourselves as Monarc Media Labs to emphasise our rediscovered focus on media research and development, and we are expanding the team with industry veterans and new graduates alike, all with one thing in common: we love creating technology that empowers deep creative expression.

We will keep this site active as an archive to showcase some of the fantastic projects we have worked on over the last six and a half years. We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our team and the creative partners we have worked with over those years: James Murchison, our amazing technical director, Bill Soper and Ria Narai, keeping our numbers in order, Glenn Fraser from Ninth Circle who was our visionary creative director, Tim Grant, our 3D artist extraordinaire, Daniel Corey from DangerKatt, a super talented writer and comic book author, Luke Adlam, an outstanding software engineer, Jenn Christodoulou the wordsmith who managed our social media and marketing words, Karl Jenner from Digital Realm who is the most talented and dedicated cinematographer and filmmaker we have had the pleasure of working with, Janet Shay a wonderful actress and producer who knows how to get things done, Ondrej Koucky from Rapturous Media who is dedicated to, and super passionate about 360 cinematography, Ollie Bown from UNSW and Sam Ferguson from UTS, who have been so much fun and truly inspirational to work with, and finally Robin Marshall from Robo Rider – we have not given up on the dream to get that VR ride working one day!

Thanks again to all the wonderful people who put their faith in us over the last six and a half years and worked with us to make some truly outstanding creative projects together!


Joseph and Simon Narai, Partners
Transmedia Entertainment


Here are the latest projects we have worked on with our creative partners


Qantas Super VR Game Show

When the team from NestVR approached us to create a virtual reality experience for Qantas Superannuation, we considered it a definite challenge: VR and Super didn’t sound like a match made in digital heaven, but we put our minds to it and came up with the idea of a comedic, virtual game show scenario. Employing the comic talents of veteran performer Cam Knight, we drew our inspiration from a past favourite – digital pioneer Max Headroom – and set about creating a 3D dimensional world in our near future that hashed out – in humorous and visual terms – the speculative consequences of our our financial planning. Qantas is very excited by the finished product and it will be rolling it out across their workplaces from February 2018.



Directed by our Creative Director Glenn Fraser with sound design by Managing Director Joseph Narai, BONNETS was developed and produced by Janey Shay, written by Jessica Kelly and shot and edited in glorious widescreen by one of our creative partners Karl Jenner from Digital Realm. It stars Janet Shay and Jessica Kelly as two love-plagued cousins in a familial struggle for matrimony.

BONNETS AND BRITCHES will have its world premiere at the Feel The Reel International Film Festival in the UK in February, 2018.



Based on the Image Comics MORIARTY series by Daniel Corey and Anthony Decidue, Moriarty: Endgame VR is a first-of-its-kind comic book that allows readers to enter and experience the panels and scenes in a truly immersive virtual reality experience.

Boasting a talented cast of actors and immersive environments, Moriarty: Endgame VR brings a post-apocalyptic spin and fresh new story to a well-known cast of characters.

Built on Transmedia Entertainment’s upcoming IC Comics platform, this virtual reality comic is the first fully immersive comic book to be presented in virtual reality. Available now through Steam (link) and Viveport for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.



Written by Glenn Fraser & Peter McLeod and produced by Digital Realm with Transmedia Entertainment, THE VEILED is an award-winning film about the world of human trafficking. Harnessing true stories from survivors over the world, THE VEILED presents an emotional and terrifying ride into an aspect of one of the most profitable illegal industries in the world.

THE VEILED had its world premiere representing Global Shorts at the Montreal World Film Festival in October, 2016 and in August 2017  placed second in the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Social Shorts drama category.

Chalk Preschool

Newport Beach

This freshly designed Chalk Preschool is a dynamic new educational development in Newport Beach. Transmedia invites you to take a tour of the property- before it has even been built!

Available on desktop for both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, the Chalk Preschool is a fully immersive VR experience, encompassing the space in its entirety. Walk through the rooms as an adult and then, through clever innovation of our design team, as a child, to see things through their eyes.

A Google Cardboard and web-friendly version of the experience is available at the Pano link below which provides a more light-weight and easily accessible version for those without high-end headsets.

Phase Frames

Vivid Sydney 2015

Phase Frames is inspired by the technology of 1920s celluloid film-making and the workings of a zoetrope. The zoetrope was one of several early animation devices that produced the illusion of motion by displaying a sequence of images on the inner surface of a spinning cylinder.

Phase Frames invites the viewer to enter a circular installation of 18 monitors, each showing the same, synchronised image. As the viewer interacts with the installation, the images on the screens are sent into different phases of action.

The interactive remix offered by the installation gives viewers a special insight into the nature of moving images and motion picture projection.

Flipped Classroom VR Tour

UNSW Business School / First

Visit the UNSW Business School Flipped Classroom in a virtual reality tour and see the traditional classroom transformed.

A flipped classroom offers rich experiential learning environment which facilitates hands on activities, simulations and personalised learning.

The physical space of the lecture or tutorial is enhanced with state of the art technology, flexible furniture layout, mood lighting and bright colour into re-fitted classrooms.

You’ll see lectures, read course content and truly understand a ”day in the life” of a student at UNSW Business School.